The leaves are falling and the crisp autumn air is all around us! It’s the time of year for apple picking, fall festivals and pumpkin patches. You’re going to love all the treats we have for you this month!

October 1st is World Vegetarian Day, when the health benefits of eating only fruits, vegetables and 


nuts is highlighted. Columbus Day brings recognition to the day that Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas in 1492.  


It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of this disease. Even though most people are aware of breast cancer, many of them forget to take the necessary (and life-saving) steps of having a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and to encourage others to do the same. 

Jack-o-lanterns, costume parties & tricks-or-treats rule the day on Halloween!

Check out all the spooktacular promotions we have in store for you!

Have an awesome October!


No Tricks, Just Results!



Come to Spa Mariana and experience the Pumpkin Enzyme Facial!


This is a delicious anti-aging facial treatment that will leave your skin soft, hydrated and youthful-looking. Indulge your senses with the delightful scent of Fall while treating your skin to incredible results!


Reserve any Pumpkin Enzyme Facial and receive 50% OFF glotherapeutics Pumpkin Enzyme Facial Scrub to take the experience home with you!


Visit Spa Mariana and give your skincare routine a makeover

with Image, Biodroga and glotherapeutics products!


Body Scrub & Soothing Massage

Remove summer damage!

Now that summer is over, it’s important to experience a good body exfoliation and hydration. Let us help you remove dead cells and flaky skin so you can Fall into relaxation with a Hydrating Cranberry Body Scrub & Massage!

What’s really exciting about Cranberry Seed Oil is that it’s the only oil that is known to naturally contain a balanced ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. It absorbs well into your skin, giving it great hydration! This also means your skin is more likely to absorb the potent antioxidants, Vitamin E and other nutrients from this oil. It’s suitable for all skin types including acne prone skin.

Reserve your Hydrating Cranberry Body Scrub & Massage today and receive a Body Brush FREE!

Price: $150
Value: $160


Stop by all this month with a friend who has not been to the spa before and you will both receive $20 Spa Dollars* to apply toward future treatments!


* $20 Spa Dollars is to be applied towards any Spa Experience of          $100 or more. Not valid with any other offer.

  Happy Halloween!


When the leaves change into beautiful fall colors and the cool, crisp air has us putting on a sweater, we instinctively reach out for hot comfort foods and warm drinks…think of hearty beef stew or delicious hot cocoa. Many people don’t count calories or limit their portions during this time; which is how weight slowly begins to creep on.

As the weather becomes cooler, it’s very important to create and stick to a healthy new eating strategy like the one outlined here, so you won’t have to work at taking off any added weight come spring:

1. Make Hydration A Habit - Drinking water regularly and daily is essential, no matter what season it is. During the summer, we never leave home without a bottle of water - but the cooler temperatures trick us into thinking that we don’t need to drink as much. Adding some lemon or berries to your water will give it a little flavor and it may encourage you to drink it more.

2. Eat Smart Carbs - Totally eliminating carbohydrates from your diet isn’t a good idea and neither is consuming too much of the wrong kinds of carbs. The best choice: eating smaller portions of healthier varieties of carbs, such as whole wheat bread and whole grain pasta.  

3. Limit Holiday Food - Delicious holiday dishes such as apple pie, baked macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy and vegetables slathered in butter are very high in calories, which will mean extra pounds and an expanded waistline. By limiting your portions, you can still enjoy the taste of traditional holiday foods without consuming too much of them.

4. Invest In Your Fitness - Joining a gym is one of the best investments you can make in yourself this Fall season! Not everyone is motivated to work out when the temperatures drop and most people don’t have the time or space to exercise at home. Visit the gym as often as you can every week. This will help you stay toned, improve your cardiovascular health and stave off unwanted pounds.

5. Have Fruits & Veggies On Hand - Eating plenty of organic vegetables and fruits during the Fall season will boost your immunity and give you more energy to exercise and engage in your favorite physical activities. Not only that, but you can eat more of them to help you feel fuller longer!

6. Be Accountable To Yourself - You’re the only one who can encourage you to exercise regularly and stick to a healthy eating strategy! Relying on friends, family members or your significant other to keep you motivated and help you stay on track won’t help you out in the long run. Your desire for continued health and fitness should come from within.

Following these healthy tips and turning them into habits will help you remain fit and trim this Fall as well as carrying you through the winter months. With a solid plan for healthy eating, exercise and portion control, you’ll be able to slip into that holiday dress and be the belle of the ball! Reserve a consultation and let us offer you more suggestions on how to stay healthy and slim in Autumn!

Healthy Recipe

Cooler temperatures are made for this hot and delicious pumpkin soup that is hearty and healthy! This low carb recipe is a Fall favorite with its smooth and creamy texture and seasonal flavors. This soup is sure to be a hit at your next gathering!


See you soon at Spa Mariana!

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